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What Is The Best Type Of Flooring For Pet Owners?

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When it comes time to choose new flooring, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right material for your lifestyle and needs. Pet owners will have different requirements than those who do not have pets, so we thought it would be helpful to put together a guide which points out all the features you need to look for to cater for your furry friends.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

LVT is very durable. Therefore, you’ve got a significantly reduced chance of seeing scratches on your floor which are often associated with having pets in the home. The tiles have a wear layer on top of the design, which acts as a barrier between pet claws and your floor’s design. As well as that, LVT is water resistant, so food and water bowls can be placed on the floor safely. You also won’t need to worry too much about wet or muddy paws, as the moisture and dirt are easily wiped away.

As well as being pet resistant, LVT is also very people-friendly. It’s warm and relatively soft underfoot, and comes in a range of aesthetically appealing designs.

Laminate Flooring

Much like LVT, laminate flooring is also hard wearing and has a resistant top layer. It has a smooth surface, which makes it easy to sweep and mop on occasion. The surface has good stain resistance, so accidents should be easily cleaned without leaving a mark behind.

Laminate can offer the appearance of wooden floor, without the expense or vulnerability that wood has.

Engineered Hardwood

If you’re going to have wooden flooring as a pet owner, your best option is engineered hardwood. Engineered wood is more stable than solid hardwood. This is because it’s constructed in multiple layers. The layers work together to keep the wood strong, meaning it’s less prone to warping when the temperature and humidity changes.

It’s not as scratch-resistant as LVT or laminate flooring, but it is very durable and can be treated with a durable finish if you would like.

For Your New Floors, Choose Starks Flooring

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